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Cold Blooded  - Amanda  Carlson

Cold Blooded is the second book in the Jessica McClain series by Amanda Carlson.

What can I say? When you expect that a series can’t hold you captive and waiting FOR MONTHS (yep! I am still dealing with the fact that I have to wait a MONTHS to know what’s going to happen… Not cool Mrs. Carlson, not cool), you find this one!

We started this series with Jessica completely out of touch with her real persona, and is nice to see her evolving into a confident Alpha! (Well she runs on hope in some parts, but I guess that is part of being a leader).

In this book Jessica is finally spending time with her mate, and well, what can I say about Rourke. This guy is so freaking awesome, he is a badass and a sweetheart, and definitely the perfect compliment for Jessica. He is such a key piece in her life that for romantics like me will have you saying awwww! more than a good couple of times (important, if you live in a house filled with testosterone like mine, you should find a spot away from the guys, unless you like being look at as if you were having some kind of hormonal crisis… Well you might feel like it at the end of the book. Yes! spoiler alert: it ends on a cliffhanger! That will give you some Anger! Oh, and did I mention you will have
to wait months for the next book?).

Anyway, you still get the characters from past books, and some new ones. I love Danny, he has the kind of sense of humor that I appreciate, and he will not let you down in this book, as well as Jessica’s brother, Tyler, he kind of reminds me of my sister (@BookaholicCat), he tries to trust her, and let her evolve and grow into what she is, but at the same time he will give his life to make sure she is safe and happy.
Jessica’s dad is still awesome. Callum is always taking care of his pack and his family and going the extra mile to protect them.

On the new characters… Well some you will love, others you will hate! For example there is one particular witch that I guess we’ll be hearing about her again, that is the typical … B**, or mean girl if you feel more comfortable calling her “mean”, but I think she could become an interesting character. So on the witches side, there will be interesting things, some which will let you wondering, I am sure that a good couple of characters that are introduced in this book, will take a big part in the future. Oh! And talking about wondering, you will get to know some information on the Vamp’s Queen history… Shocking! There will even be the introduction to some of her family members and origins! You will have a mixture of she is a horrible being and some that you will try to “understand her” (she is still a “mean” one).

And off course as if Jessica didn’t have enough with figuring out the whole truth about her, a new relationship, a pack of wolves that still doesn’t fully accept her, a weird relationship with the witches, and a crazy “mean” vamp queen… Well we now have the underworld coming to fill her agenda!

There isn’t much more I can say without spoiling it for you. Just that be ready to be wanting more. 
As I said as soon as I finished this book… Mrs. Carlson was “Cold blooded” to leave us hanging like this. (I wasn’t available to start reading anything for a good couple of days… Book hungover?), but none the less it is worth it.

Review by Juanita.