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Tell Me More - Janet Mullany 2 ½ Stars

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Ok, I don’t know where to start with this *headdesk*… Jo is a radio DJ with a program late at night, sometimes she receives calls from listeners and in one of those calls she meets “Mr. D”. Jo went through a difficult breakup, her boyfriend cheated on her. Mr. D helped her a lot during those days and after some calls they became phone buddies. One day Jo’s ex comes to her house to pickup something he has forgotten in the house, Jo sees him and gets horny and it doesn’t matter that he is a lying cheating bastard, her hormones are stronger than her so she decides to have a farewell fuck with him. While they are at it, recently divorced Patrick comes to see the efficiency Jo is renting; the door is open, so obviously Patrick enters (without knocking or making noise) and catches Jo and Hugh in the act. When they are done they notice him watching them, he excuses himself and later via email reschedules the appointment to see the apartment the next day. That night Jo tells every little detail about her encounter with the ex to Mr. D and soon after that conversation they move to a next level and start to have phone sex, while Jo is at her job, nice! One night in one of those sex-versations with Mr. D Jo is masturbating almost naked in her office (classy) she thought she was alone in the building, but one young intern hasn’t left and caught her “in the act” (again), so what does Jo do? She takes this 21 year old to her house and has a sex-rathon with him. While having cougar sex she is thinking about Mr. D and how much he is going to enjoy when she tells him all about this new encounter. And she was right, Mr. D is “very happy” with the recount of the night.
That same day Patrick moves to the efficiency and the young intern with his “satisfied” face helps him move in.
Before all this started Jo wanted to meet Mr. D but he said it was better to keep a strictly phone relationship between them, but now Mr. D has changed his mind and wants to meet with Jo, but she is afraid things may change between them and now she is the one who doesn’t want to meet him.
Jo wants to have an exciting and a very sexual life just to have stories to tell Mr. D. She is changing from a nice woman to a very sluty slut. Her best friend Kimberly is noticing something different with Jo but thinks the hard breakup is to blame. Kimberly thinks Jo needs to meet new people and introduces her to Willis Scott. Jo doesn’t like Willis a bit, but accepts his invitation for lunch. They go to a picnic together and Jo is the dessert, another story to tell Mr. D.
Willis seeing Jo is so “liberated” invites her to a foursome with some of his friends and what does Jo do? She accepts… another story to tell Mr. D.
Willis’ friend Jack seeing how “approachable” Jo is invites her to join a sex club, and what does our delectable heroine do? She agrees of course, more stories to tell Mr. D!
Days later Jo is screwing around in the sex club when she hears the voice of Mr. D, she tries to approach him but he evades her. Jo starts to suspect Mr. D has been all the time behind her enrollment in this private club. This news leaves her feeling sad, betrayed and a little bit lost. She is also feeling attracted to her tenant Patrick. The attraction is mutual but Patrick knows there is something weird about Jo. He has these feelings not just because he caught Jo with two different men in just couple of days, but more because one night Jo arrived home early in the morning looking like a poor and badly used porn star. As I said before, our heroine is a delectable and classy lady.
Jo decides to leave the club behind and gives a chance to Patrick. Patrick wants to take things slow, to make it special, there is a lot of fooling around but they are waiting a while for the perfect moment to have their first time.
The super secret sex club doesn’t want Jo to retire and invite her to a dinner and sleep over as a proof of their good faith. The director of the club tells Jo to bring Patrick as her guest, she won’t have to have sex with anybody else and they are going to get a room all for themselves. So our smart heroine invites Patrick to the dinner/sleep over thinking it will be especial for the first night.
The night of the event they arrive to the club, Patrick thinks is weird they have to use masks but doesn’t think anything else about it. Many men know Jo and it is very obvious they know her “really” well, but Patrick is kind of ok with that too. After dinner they go to the room they were assigned. It is the first time Patrick and Jo are going to do “the deed” smart Jo tells Patrick not to use a condom and even smarter Patrick accepts, it’s not as if Jo was screwing around or being a participant in a sex club or drinking more body fluids than coffee in the morning… I guess being safe is not important for them. And Patrick doesn’t care that he saw her arriving the other night in the state she arrived, he thinks is safe to have unprotected sex with her? Ok, what can I say… STUPID!
Soon after they are done, the room is filled with people cheering them and congratulating them for their great performance. Patrick is appalled, he thinks it was Jo’s plan all alone and storms out of the room leaving her there. Jo doesn’t know what to do and finds herself in front of Mr. D, this was another of his evil plans. Jo is infuriated because he has been playing with her all alone, so she does the “smart” thing and asks him to meet her a couple of days later at a hotel to talk about his motives.
After some pleading, crying and begging from Jo Patrick forgives her and believes she didn’t know what was gonna happen, even though she brought him into a sex club without letting him know what they were getting into. Such a nice man!
Patrick and Jo are great, they are in love and enjoying to the max their time together… so sweet!
Patrick’s dad is visiting from Ireland, they have a tough relationship, so Patrick asks his dear girlfriend Jo to come with them to dinner to meet his father and be their buffer is the need arise. Jo accepts, is going to be a tight schedule, she is supposed to meet with Mr. D and go to the studio before dinner. Patrick doesn’t know Jo is meeting Mr. D, he thinks she is going to the studio and after will meet with him.
Jo arrives to the hotel, Mr. D is waiting for her in the lobby, they go to the hotel restaurant to have tea and talk (they are very civilized people), during their talk Mr. D shows Jo the card key to one of the rooms of the hotel and what does our sweet and in love heroine do? She goes and fucks Mr. D while nice Patrick is waiting for her with his pain in the ass father at a restaurant. Patrick is trying to reach her, but her phone is off, he is worried sick that something has happened, he calls the station and learns she haven’t been there the whole day. Of course he adds 2 plus 2 and realizes he has won the title of cuckold of the year. While many times during the book I “had to” hit my head with a desk I continue reading, but at this point I really wanted to throw the book through a window, but couldn’t do it because I was reading an ebook and I love my reader. If there had been many pages left I would not have finish this book, but there were just few left so I continue with Jo and her pussy’s adventures…
To end this summary/review let’s just say that Patrick needs to buy a set of cojones and a kilogram of self-esteem and Jo needs to go daily to the psychoanalyst and hopefully he/she will be a very unattractive doctor so Jo doesn’t end up screwing with him/her.
I also think somebody needs to give Jo a detailed explanation about STDs and how they are transmitted.

Even though I love the cover and really wanted to like it, Tell Me Morewas not for me, not just because I didn’t like any of the characters, or because the author’s writing style gave me headache with her point of view change from Jo’s first person point of view to Patrick’s third person point of view, or because I have to read some paragraphs more than once to understand what and who was saying it. Or because there is NOT a scene when Jo goes down and dirty with Mr. D even though there was a build up during the whole book between these two characters.
I was planning to give it 2 Paws but gave it an extra ½ Paw because some of the sex scenes were pretty hot.
If you like porn in paper and don’t care much about the plot or the characters this book is for you. If you want a well-developed plot and interesting characters look somewhere else.