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Autumn (Dog Days #1) - Sierra Dean Originally posted at The Bookaholic Cat

Autumn is the first book in the new YA series Dog Days by Sierra Dean.

Lou Whittaker is not only dealing with the lost of her father to cancer but also with the drastic changes it brought to her life. Medical expenses left her and her mother broke and in need of a fresh start; with no other option they leave sunny California behind and move in with her paternal grandmother who lives in the small town of Poisonfoot, Texas.
Being new at school is not as bad as Lou was expecting, especially after meeting the loner guy of the school, Cooper Reynolds.
Lou doesn’t understand why everybody including her grandmother avoids Cooper and tell her she should do the same, but when she asks for a reason nobody can give her one, until the day Cooper is honest with her and tells her his family bears a curse, every male of the Reynolds family turns into a coyote on the day of his eighteenth birthday. Cooper has left than a year left to find a way to break the curse before it will be too late for him.
Lou thinks she can help Cooper and going against everybody’s wishes she embarks in the search for a way to lift the curse. What Lou wasn’t expecting was to learn that their connection is bigger than what they could have ever imagined.

I really liked Lou; she was smart and funny despite her circumstances. She has had a tough couple of months with some difficult days, still she is doing pretty well and trying to be better.

Cooper is a sweetheart; he is also dealing with loss and with an uncertain future. Lou and Cooper are perfect together, they not only find solace in each other arms but together they are a force to be reckon with.

The town of Poisonfoot is not your usual small town, is not only full of secrets but also its inhabitants are more than what they appear. It’s a town where curses, magic and supernatural beings mingle with one another.

From the secondary characters it’s difficult to know who to trust and what to believe; they show you one face, you believe something and at the end you couldn’t be more wrong.

The story in engaging, well paced and with many twists and turns. When you are sure you know how things are going to develop Mrs. Dean in her best “gut-wrenching” style throws us a curveball and leaves us gasping for breath.

If you know me and follow my reviews you know that I love Sierra Dean with all my big bookaholic heart. I can easily say that she is one of my top three writers and one I recommend all the time. I love her and her books (Secret McQueen series) so much that I feel a little bit stalkers-ish at times. Her writing style is so good that I’m pretty sure even her grocery list will be entertaining to read. I was a little surprise when I learned she was writing a YA series, but knowing how talented she is I didn’t doubt for a second it wouldn’t be as good as her Secret McQueen series, and I was right, Autumn was great start to a very promising series.

Next book in the series, Winter, will be out in November; saying I’m eagerly waiting for its release it’s the understatement of the day.