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A Cursed Embrace  - Cecy Robson Originally posted at The Bookaholic Cat

A Cursed Embrace is the second book in the Weird Girls series by Cecy Robson.

My biggest fear after reading a great book is that the author won’t be able to deliver a following installment as good or better than said book. After reading Sealed With A Curse (first book) that was what I was thinking and fearing, but I’m happy to inform you there is nothing to fear, Cecy Robson has done it again with A Cursed Embrace.

A Cursed Embrace starts days after the events in Sealed With A Curse, with the Wird sisters trying to get back to their routines. After moving to Lake Tahoe they are finally having a break, a break that ends sooner than they have expected when they find a dead wereraccoon on their doorstep.
Somebody or something is killing humans in a very gruesome way, demons are being summoned and very-creepy-baby-demons are at large.
Aric and his pack have been investigating these incidents, but after the wereraccoon incident Celia and her sisters get involved in the investigation. They are stronger together than apart, at least that was what they thought, before they knew what was waiting for them.

This is one of those reviews in which I would love to just write OMG, OMG, OMG, you need to read this book, but I know you will want more from me to convince you than just saying that, so let me give you 10 reasons why you should buy/read this book as soon as you finish reading this post.

10 Reasons Why You Should Read A Cursed Embrace

1. When on page 4 you have already laughed out loud twice you know you have a winner.
2. All the characters are unique, have very different personalities and characteristics but at the same time they all complement and balance each other perfectly.
3. The guys in this book/series are Hot-Hot Panties in a Twist Hot.
4. The sexual tension and smexy times will steam the pages or short out your reader.
5. The characters not only grow page after page but they also show us sides we didn’t know nor did we expect.
6. The Wird sisters (Celia, Taran, Shayna, and Emme) are so great you are going to do voodoo on Mrs. Mancuso for her to sell you her house, so you can move next door to them.
7. The monsters in this installment are so creepy you will need to start sleeping with the light on or find a good therapist.
8. Cecy Robson is not happy with only taking us on a roller coaster of emotions, not at all (she’s evil), she also put us through the wringer and leaves us with a broken heart and a serious case of “I Need Next Book Now” (Cursed By Destiny, January 7th, 2014)
9. Evil Author aka Cecy Robson gives us in one page a twist in the story that stomps on our hearts and in the next page she gives us hope and a high feeling of happiness and wellbeing, showing us once again what a talented (twisted) author she is.
10. You know that feeling, after reading a great book, when you say “damn this author is evil because she/he went all the way and did this or that to the characters I love”; then you start to analyze what just happened and realized the author took a risk, one that masterfully works in the story, then you feel like grinning non stop because the author was able to awaken in you feelings you were not expecting, then you rush to contact said author to tell her/him “she/he is evil but great”; that’s the feeling you will have after you have finish A Cursed Embrace, I also call that feeling “The Stalking The Author Syndrome”.